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My body has bruises from the words you told me.
10 Word Poem" series - #29 (via ericaelocin)

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i fucking hate how nervous people make me like i can’t even walk down the road without feeling judged and that is just ridiculous 

from my rotten body flowers will grow

and I am in them, and that is eternity

She stuck a bookmark in my heart and walked away.
Saul Williams (via tiger-milk)

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I hope I remind you of the ocean, the way I will dance towards you but never let you close enough for you to feel the waves beneath your skin.
A girl aka me. (via kawaiicvnt)

Do not make
out of people.
This will leave you
and sad,
missing arms that
cannot hold
hearts with
shaky foundations.

Michelle K., Home.   (via gorardway)

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Better Call Saul

That’s the worst way to miss somebody. When they’re right beside you and you miss them anyway
 Pittacus Lore  (via perfectiondoesntlast)

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